MWBRSTransparentThe Society

The Metropolitan Water Board Railway Society (MWBRS) was set up in 2004 to restore as much of the original Waterboard Railway line as possible (see route page), partly as an extra attraction to visitors to the Kempton Great Engines, partly to transport them there and partly as a stand alone attraction. When completed it will also be able to transport visitors to the Kempton Nature Reserve. Until permission for that is granted we have been building the Hanworth Loop in a field nearby. It is hoped we may be able to extend the Loop to connect with the old route shortly.

A more detailed history of the railway is available here.


The Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway Limited

The Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway Limited was set up in 2013 to take over the building and operation of the railway, the first section of which was opened for public running in 2013. This was done for legal and financial reasons but the Railway relies almost entirely on Society members both to operate it, maintain it and build future extensions.