The original boilers to power the triple-expansion engines and turbines were scrapped in 1993. In order to run the Sir William Prescott engine in preservation a modern boiler was acquired for the Kempton Great Engines Trust by Thames Water. The unit is located in a purpose built building adjacent to the engine house.

The boiler was manufactured by Cochran Boilers, a subsidiary of Rolls Royce. The unit is similar to those found in breweries and for heating large buildings. Control of the boiler is computerised and requires minimal operator input.

The boiler is fired by natural gas (Methane) and produces saturated steam at 200 pounds per square inch (14 Bar).

Commissioned 2002
Maker Cochran Boilers
Model Wee Chieftain 6
Working Pressure 200 PSI 
Steam Output 5000 Pounds per Hour
Fuel Type Natural Gas (Methane)

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