What to See

Kempton Steam Museum is home to the world’s largest working triple-expansion steam engine. It stands as high as four stacked double-decker buses and along with its identical twin, pumped vast volumes of London’s drinking water from 1929 to 1980.

The museum is open for seven Steaming Weekends per year when we will operate ‘The Sir William Prescott Engine’. The museum is also open on certain weekdays for static viewing when the engine will not be running between March and November.  Alongside our steaming weekends are often extra events such as classic cars, model boats, steam rollers, arts & crafts and much more. Please see our events page for further information: Events Page.

Our other attraction is the Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway, which is adjacent to the museum building. Rides are available to the public on all of our steaming weekends. Please see the railway website for further information: Link to Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway.